Saturday, May 9, 2009

American Chopper & Double Standards

I’ve watched “American Chopper” on the Discovery Channel quite often since its debut. And it is time to shelve this show. Every show is just the same ol’ same ol’. I’ve come to really dislike this crew. Paul Sr. is a proven success story, building two million dollar businesses, and passing his legacy onto his children. An admirable guy, but he has bought into his television personality and has become a caricature of himself. Paul Jr. is just plain lame. He’s got this idea that he’s some creative trend setter, when all he ever does is use the same materials, in the same fashion, just with different shapes. The one time his creative ability was challenged in the shop by a guy named Mike Campo, Jr. undermined the guy and got Paul Sr. to fire him. What a coniving, lazy “artist”. And Mikey? Well what can you say? Total slacker. The non-Teutels are the guys who do the work.

Double standard? Richard Mellon Scaife is a very wealthy man who, in the 90’s put a lot of money into supporting conservative causes and candidates. He was excoriated by the liberal MSM as some sort of evil mastermind intending to illegally influence elections. George Soros is a Hungarian born billionaire, who in his youth was a Nazi collaborator who made money confiscating the property of fellow Jews on their way to the death camps. He excused himself by saying that if he didn’t do this, someone else would have. He’s also been convicted of trying to manipulate international currency markets. He is the financier behind and the liberal attack machine Media Matters. But do we ever hear any criticism from the MSM of this creep?

Roxanna Sabieri, an American of Iranian descent, has been convicted in an Iranian show trial of “espionage”. She languishes in an Iranian prison serving an 8 year sentence. Has the President, or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton done anything to demand the release and return of Ms Sabieri? They haven’t lifted a finger. A disgrace. Hmmm, an American being held illegally in Iran with an impotent American government doing nothing to get her out. Any of this sound familiar? And a bigger shame is once again on the MSM for remaining silent about this story. I guess releasing known terrorists from Guantanamo into the US is more important, image wise, than protecting an actual American citizen.

Liberals often refer derisively to the Bush administration as being “arrogant”. He didn’t take their advice, held to his principles and so, was considered ‘arrogant’. You know what’s arrogant? Spending $1,000,000,000,000.00 you don’t have, without anyone, ANYONE, even reading the plan to squander, er, spend the money. And signing the bill immediately without giving the public a chance to read it, after making a big show of your promise to publicly post the plan for five days before enacting new legislation. That is arrogant. But the liberal credo seems to be “It’s not arrogant when we do it!” Same goes for dissent. It is only patriotic when liberals are doing the dissenting. More double standards.

Do liberals have any intellectuals like W.F.Buckley Jr, Irving Kristol, Arnaud deBorchgrave etc. to explain, develop and promote liberal philosophy? It doesn’t seem so. The best they seem to come up with are people like Noam Chomsky and Janeane Garafalo. Is there even a liberal philosophy? Or do you just have to ‘feel good’ about what you think needs to be done, and consequences be damned, to be a liberal?

Why is it that the government has given large ownership stakes to the UAW in both General Motors and Chrysler? I guess they think union leaders know how to produce and sell cars better than the people who actually run the corporations. I guess running a business is a skill that has been devalued much the same as designing a building. I mean everyone thinks that they’re an architect. Or has a neighbor who thinks so.

Andre Braugher is a terrific actor. He commands the screen in every scene he appears in. Why he hasn’t had more featured roles is a mystery.


Hefty Lefty said...

Buckley was a moron, and you're a idiot. Ever hear of Michael Kinsley you right wing facist. Bush wasn't just arrogant, he is a criminal and his henchmen should all go to prison.

CaliDreamer said...

Roxanna Saberi isn't the only one. North Korea is also holding to female Aerican journalists. Obama and Clinton are doing nothing. How is letting your citizens be taken hostage, good for American prestige and resect internationally?

HateOCC said...

I can't watch the show anymore. Paul Sr. is an overbearing bully, Paul Jr. really thinks his manure has no odor. And Mikey, well what was it Dean Wormer said to Flounder about "no way to go through life"? Vinny and Rick are the guys who do the work. The Teutul's are posers.

Individualist said...

Let's see Buckley was the moron, Check! And wait a minute. Right Wing and Fascist is an Oxymoron. You know what liberals don't get to use Fascism as a slur since their first far left President in 30 years enacted all the policies of Benito Mussolini. As to George Bush that slur is such a pathetic joke it is beneath contempt. If Bush had one fault is was the fact that he was too honest. Say what you want liberal, history will record the "W" was the only president to ever support real democracy in a Muslim country in the middle east. And God Bless him for that!

Since you think Kinsley is such a brilliant star why don't you go tell that to Susan Estrich!

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