Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meghan McCain, Azaleas, & I'm a chump

I mentioned yesterday that a quick way to get a lot of publicity for anyone in the public eye is to announce one’s homosexuality. Well another fast track to getting a seat with Whoopi, Chris or Larry – for people with a Republican connection only- is to be willing to bash other Republicans. The latest nobody to use this method as a step to the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame, is Meghan McCain. Senator McCain’s daughter is all of 24 years old, and who has never run for anything has since the last election seen herself fit to comment on all the ills of the Republican Party. She has nothing actually constructive to say, much like her Dad, and shows her vapid vanity every time she opens her yap. But this is nothing new. John McCain polished his “maverick” image during the 2000 primaries by bashing the right wing of the party. Since leaving public service Colin Powell lines his pockets doing the same thing. And it works for pundits too. The odious Kathleen Parker (the right’s answer to Ellen Goodman) got herself picked up by the Washington Post by bashing religious conservatives, then claiming victim status and proclaiming herself a martyr. Fame must be so powerful a drug, that it causes blindness when one steps in front of a mirror.

The azaleas are in full bloom where I live. This is definitely my favorite week of springtime. A well tended azalea, in full flower is the most colorful plant I have ever seen. And the colors are so vivid. Except for the salmon colored azaleas. I don’t care much for the color. I’ve tried several times to get azaleas in my care to put out more blooms, but have not met with success yet. But they are so beautiful, I will keep trying.

I confess to being a “brand chump”. I will pay more for my favorite brand that a less expensive equivalent. TORO makes the best lawn care and snow removal machines. JIF is the best peanut butter. Levi's are the best jeans. Coca-Cola, the real thing. Starkist tuna is the tops, just ask Charlie. GMC pick-up trucks beat everything else. A Hershey bar with almonds is the finest piece of chocolate, and Demerol is unsurpassed as a pain killer. It is not sound economic policy, but I yam what I yam. Oh yeah, DeWalt power tools, as durable as my ex-wife’s anger, and able to stay energized twice as long.

Sean Hannity has built up quite a name for himself. He’s earned the success that has come to him, and I’m glad he’s a conservative. But I will say this. Here in NY he immediately follows Rush on the local radio station. And I have heard it said on more than one or one hundred occasions, that for the last few years a listener will get the feeling that all Sean does to prepare for his show is take notes on what Rush said that day, and parrot Rush’s points in his own words. Then repeat the polly-wanna-cracker schtick a few hours later on his FOX show. I can’t say I fully disagree. There are certainly enough issues out there for talk show hosts to broaden the listening menu. Big issues like comprehensive immigration reform do get everyone zeroed in, but most of the time there are at least three or four headline making topics for the hosts to address. And as conservatives, we do need to discuss all of them.

Pain management has been on my mind lately. I’ve got another appointment with my pain management doctor this week and as usual I’m not looking forward to it. During this odyssey that I’m on, now in it’s fifth year, I’ve had several doctors handle this aspect of my treatment. Some have a genuine desire to reduce pain. Others really do not. These are more concerned with preventing any sort of dependence, never understanding the detrimental psychological consequences to a patient who cannot escape chronic pain. And don’t get me started on some of the injections that are part of a pain management course of treatment. Several of these procedures are gruesomely painful. Worse pain than they are intended to reduce. If any doctor suggests a “ganglean impar” to you, demand that you be put under before anyone comes near you with a syringe. My current pain doctor, I’ll call her Doctor ‘S’ is the best I’ve had so far. She has been very careful about my medication cocktail, understands the importance of actually getting relief for the patient, and has a very pleasant manner. The best part is she actually listens to what I tell her, like all good doctors. She addresses my concerns, and I never leave her office feeling that she’s not on top of my situation. Soon I won’t need her services anymore. I’ll be glad to be done with the pain & medication, but a bit sad about being done with Dr. ‘S’.


Steve H said...

Have you forgotten David Frum & Christppher Bbuckley?

Auguste Ballz said...

No I didn't forget those two, and their are others like them. But I can tolerate Frum, a bright guy who may not be a WFB conservative, but he's not a Colin Powell Republican either. I see him as one of the guys who is closer to the "center" but not looking to get invited to sit with Olbermann.
As for Chris Buckley, nobody can expect him to necessarily share his dad's views. Think R. Reagan Jr. But, at least according to his write up before the election, he voted for Obama for some reasons that made me embarrased for the guy. If he couldn't see that Obama was all Christmas-time window dressing, then he is easily fooled and his judgement is questionable.

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