Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Hits Of The Week

The White House is now in retreat regarding SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor and her quote regarding the relative wisdom of a Latina woman vs. a white man. Is she a racist? Probably not, but her membership in an organization called “La Raza” (The Race) raises eyebrows. But I’d say she’s just a full player in the Left’s favorite game of identity politics. Is she a good justice? Clearly not. Her reversal rate is 60%. If she had that rate of failure hitting a baseball in the major leagues, she’d be in the Hall of Fame. But for a jurist it is quite dismal. It displays either an elemental misunderstanding of the law and how to apply it, or a willingness to ignore the law. And from her ideas about where policy is made (in appeals courts) I’d say it’s the latter. Although she’s just one liberal replacing another on the Court, it’s disappointing to see another un-qualified candidate for a governmental position get a promotion. Elections have consequences.

North Korea test fired another missile today. Not a long range type like they tested the day after Obama announced cuts in missile defense systems a few weeks ago. This time it was a short range missile. The kind that could be used to obliterate, oh say Seoul. Another finger in the eye of our internationally beloved and respected president.

The French are amazing. For the upcoming 65th anniversary of the Allied D-Day invasion of the Normandy coast, they’ve decided not to invite Queen Elizabeth II. No matter that the queen actually served during the war, or the fact that she is head of state of the country whose men attacked 2 of the 5 Normandy beaches on their own and attacked a third with Canadian soldiers as partners. The French owe so much to Great Britain for their liberation, this snub is just disgusting. Had it not been for England remaining defiant in the face of Nazi air bombardment and the attempt to strangle them with U-Boat attacks on supply shipping, America could’ve never turned the British Isles into the world’s largest military base, and who knows how long the liberation of Europe would’ve been delayed. The Sarkozy government is small, petty and just wrong in this. In other words, typically French.

The Mets are not in the best of situations right now. And if GM Omar Minaya doesn’t get busy quickly the situations doesn’t figure to get better anytime soon. They're in first, but players seem to dropping faster than French rifles in 1940.

Former NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress had the chance to plead guilty to a three month sentence plus 1000 hours of community service for violating NYC gun laws back in November. He turned it down. He’s scared of life on Riker’s Island. He’s got the same lawyer as Puffy Combs, and believes that he’ll get the same result (not guilty) as Puffy at trial. Two things that Puffy didn’t have that Plax does, the entry wound scar and the exit wound scar. And if Plax had taken the deal, he’d already be out.

Enjoy the weekend.


CMB320 said...

I read a post by Andrew MCCarthy at National Review and he says Sotomayor wouldn't evenbe qualified as a juror because of her views, much less a SCOTUS justice.

Grandpa6644 said...

The French govt. are a collection of turds. The French people loved our arrival.

GoldJunoSword said...

Q.Why is the Champs Elysee lined with trees?

A. So the Wermacht could march in the shade.

Auguste Ballz said...

I read an anecdote written by the son of a US D-Day vet. The son asked his Dad if he'd like to go with him to see "Saving Pvt. Ryan" seeing how the film's first third was a re-enactment of the landings. The father said, "No thanks, I saw the play." Wonderful.

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