Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Thoughts

  • Sen. Arlen Spector (D)PA has been denied seniority by the Senater Democrats. I'm glad about this. This is man totally absorbed in what is good for Sen. Spector. This is the second time in his political career that he has jumped parties to win an election. The Republican Party is well rid of him. It was another miscalculation of President Bush to have supported Spector's last re-election run, instead of the actually conservative Pat Toomey. I hope Spector faces a challenger in the Democratic Party. I hate disloyalty.

  • "The workers control the means of production". Where did we first hear that one? The US government now owns banks, and car companies. This is patently un-American. Liberals always caterwaul when ever that idea is pointed at them. But I ask the liberals out there, can you explain how this practice fits in with the American ideas of free market capitalism?

  • The comdeians and talk show hosts who refuse to do Obama jokes are cowards. Afraid to face liberals critics for fear of losing invites to the best parties. Letterman has become a self-parody. Can you imagine how long Obama's "Austrian language" gaffe would have been in the news if GWB had said that? And Joe Biden? Don't get me started.

  • Europe is going down the drain. The EU has not/is not working. The Euro is a joke. It will be less than twenty years before we see another conflagration consume Europe. And this time, the US may not be able to save them from themselves.


Paul said...

When Obama starts acting like Bush, then the comedians will have material.

Steve S said...

un-American? How about the Patriot Act?

Dom Jr. said...

Steve S, Can you tell me one case where somebody was denied constitutional rights and protections who was not found to be guilty? Can you tell what you could no longer do after 1/20/2001 that you could now do after 1/20/2009?

SuperSar said...

What about illegal wiretaps, tracking library book withdrawals?

Auguste Ballz said...

SuperSar...when did all this happen? Tell me please. You're just parroting liberal talking points.

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