Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sykes, Colin Powell & Muscle Cars

Wanda Sykes’ “comedy” performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend was pathetic. She was topical, but wasn’t funny. She targeted all the usual Republican boogey-men, but wasn’t funny. So why exactly was she invited to be the featured “act”? I’ll tell you why. Because just recently Ms. Sykes announced to the world that she is a lesbian. . I guess her career wasn’t going as well as she’d hoped. There’s nothing that’s going to give an entertainer a bigger short term career boost than publicly proclaiming to be a homosexual. It helped Ellen DeGeneres extend the life of her mediocre sit-com. It got Clay Aiken onto the cover of People Magazine last summer. I bet Sykes shows up on Oprah, The View and Mystery Diagnosis all before Memorial Day.

Colin Powell said recently, “Americans want more government services, not less.” Well what do you expect him to say? For the entirety of his working life, his paycheck was from the United States Treasury. First as a soldier, then as a cabinet official. So naturally he wants the government to spend more on him and everybody else. These days he gets paid making speeches criticizing the very people who put him into positions of national and world prominence. What ingratitude. This man didn’t consider running for the Republican nomination because he knew his positions were mostly out of step with most Republican voters. Now he’s trying to make himself into some kind of wise sage of politics. He has no idea what’s good for the Republican party, because he is not now, nor really ever was a Republican. Don’t forget how he was sand-bagged and embarrassed by the French during the UN debate prior to Iraqi Freedom, or how he knew that the “leaker” in the Valerie Plame kerfuffle was his own deputy Richard Armitage almost from the beginning, yet he kept his silence and let several people go broke with legal fees, serve time for contempt, and even get convicted for lying when there was no underlying crime committed. Nice job General. A real profile in courage. Very honorable.

General Motors wants to make a comeback? Take a hint from Ford, who re-launched the Mustang and took it’s styling from the look of the Shelby Cobras. The new pony car really looked great, performed well, and was popular. So why doesn’t GM do the same thing with the ’70 Chevelle SS, or Camaro Z28 of ’68? Don’t kill off Pontiac. Turn it into the performance division. Re-style the GTO and Firebird based on the classic versions of these beauties. Keep away from the euro-sedan look, make them look AMERICAN. In other words, bring back the MUSCLE CAR. Most American males loved and love muscle cars. And the young bulls will learn to love these cars too, if they get proper exposure. One thing Hollywood knows how to do is take an old successful product, and re-sell it in the present day while keeping the “look” of yesteryear. Batman, Superman, Star Wars, and now Star Trek are examples of what I’m talking about.

I really hate the way politicians inject blatantly false and inflated numbers into their speeches. Remember how Bill Clinton was going to put 100,000 new cops on the street? The actual number turns out to have been about 10,000. During one of his campaigns he also claimed “400 Nobel Prize winning economists” supported his economic plan. Have there even been 400 Nobel prizes awarded for economics? Now comes Obama who throws out ridiculous numbers like he was Professor Irwin Corey. He just promised a savings of $2,500 to Americans who have health insurance due to his reform plans. Last week it was 150,000 jobs that have been saved or created by his “stimulus” plan. How about the two trillion his economic plan will save us by 2020? If I exaggerated like this on my resume, I’d have never gotten a job. Wait. I don’t have a job. Maybe I can get the POTUS to punch up my resume.

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