Thursday, May 28, 2009

Washington Imitates Hollywood’s Art, National Security Suffers

By Individualist
“The Purpose of government is to limit the needs of its citizens from the involvement of the government.”

In the news we have North Korea exploding an Atom Bomb, Again! So our Chosen Guardian of our Republic, President Barack Hussein Obama let’s Kim Yong Il know in no uncertain terms that we will defend South Korea. The North Koreans counter this verbal joust by sending two missiles into their airspace. When you look closely at Kim Yong Il does his hairstyle not remind you of a Nausicaan from Star Trek. Well at least he acts like one……….

I mention this because the recent events reminded me of the “moral” of “Moral Relativism” in an episode of the Star Trek Enterprise series with Scott Bakula that aired in November of 2001 called Fortunate Son. It should have been called Unfortunate Son and was in my mind one of the worst of this series. Partially because I think the writers and producers were attempting to influence public opinion with a liberal morality tale and in the end forgot to make the story believable.

The Story involves a freighter that is being constantly attacked by Nausicaan Pirates who raid and steal the cargo. They leave only to raid again another day or however Nausicaans keep time in the depths of deep space. After a great deal of build up to show how the freighters are at the mercy of these guys losing life and limb to their piracy, the first mate of the freighter breaks away, attacking the Enterprise so that they can track the rogues down so intent are they on revenge. In typical politically correct fashion, Archer the Enterprises’ captain uses the opportunity to give a rousing speech on how retaliation just brings more retaliation. We must break the vicious circle don’t you see.

I have never liked Star Trek episodes that turn the captain from a military commander into Doctor Phil. There is something about someone ordering me how to feel about something that I find creepy. So naturally our good Captain Archer and Crew have to track down the freighter before its boomer crew does something rash, like angering the pirates. Like the proverbial cavalry they arrive just in time to save the day with more speeches. The freighter has found the secret Nausicaan Pirate base but has been duped into a trap. Four Nausicaan vessels have beset the revenge-blind freighter crew. The Nausicaan Pirates of course are only concerned about their missing crew man that they somehow left “Home Alone” aboard the same freighter on their last Pirate raid. Nausicaans lose so many pirates that way.

Not to fear as the crew of the Enterprise rejuvenate the real captain of the freighter who wisely allows the Nausicaan prisoner to be returned just in time for several more speeches on the need not to enter into an eternal cycle of violence.

The most laughable part of this story is that the Enterprise Captain who is at the Nausicaan Raiders pirate base with a vessel that out classes them all in such a way that the four enemy vessels need only scan it to see its grandeur. Knowing their pirating days are at its end, he leaves them there stating get a good look at this ship it’s a NX class vessel.

Gee I have been a greedy pirate all my life Captain Archer. I have killed, have raped, have pillaged and have done really bad things like pollute space with CO2 emissions. But just knowing that out there in the endless expanse of the abyss you have such a cooler ship than mine I guess I’ll have to go sell insurance instead. At least until I can upgrade our firepower that is.

I think that as bad as the plot of this show is and as unrealistic as the actions of everyone involved it is still an allegory for what the far left mindset considers the art of diplomacy. If you believe you can talk to Ahmadinejad or negotiate with Kim Yong Il without the threat of retaliation to keep them in line then naturally you think that after finally finding the secret pirate base of the evil Nausicaan pirates you can just leave them there with the equivalent of a cop issuing a warning. If you believe that attacking terrorists will only put you deeper into a quagmire you then must think that defending yourself from attack will somehow only encourage it to continue.

Our President may have bought into this line of thinking but I believe he is beginning to get an education in what really happens when you let the bad guys off with a warning. Our president talked incessantly about the wrong war in Iraq and the need for peace and asked why are we not attacking Pakistan. I’ll go in there and get Osama, he said. What happened in Mumbai after his election? By increasing tensions between India and Pakistan the terrorists think to distract the Pakistani government and make more converts to their cause in the uncontrolled regions. Despite the President’s pledge to increase our presence in Northern Pakistan the Taliban has come within 70 miles of the Pakistani capital. His rhetoric that we should go after Pakistan is not helpful to our effort since Pakistan is our ally and we have assisted in helping democratic leaders take charge there. Our president bombs the country and then apologizes for deaths caused by the terrorists without consulting the military men who planned the operation. Perhaps Bush was not publicizing the Afghan war and Pakistan’s involvement for a reason.

Obama is seen as weak by our enemies because he follows the same mind set as the writer of Fortunate Son. I heard a cop give a speech where he stated “if you give a thief enough rope he does not hang himself, instead he beats you with the rope, ties you up and steals you blind, because that is what a thief does”. I think the same thing applies to dictators like Kim Yong Il. Talking to one does not make him more democratic in his outlook. If he wanted to be democratic he would never have sought to be a dictator.

I favor the words of Montgomery Scott in the original Star Trek series. Let us repeat it softly:

“The best diplomat I know is a fully loaded Phazer bank.”

The 24th century's answer to the Big Stick.


USArtguy said...

The Star Trek analogy is nicely done.

As an aside, I wonder where went all the stories we used to get from the MSM about how South Koreans wanted US soldiers to leave. That used to be big news, especially while Clinton was in office. They just sort of evaporated with the missile launch.

I remember hearing, in person, missionaries --from-- South Korea saying to pay no attention to those news reports. They said their MSM only focused on a few protests to make it seem like a bigger deal than it was (like our MSM here in the U.S.). The fact was, according to them who were born and raised there, the average South Korean was very glad we have troops there. I'm sure that sentiment is even stronger now.

Auguste Ballz said...

Great post! Welcome aboard!

CMB320 said...

Of course the South Koreans want us to stay. So do the Germans, and the Japanese. They know the US is the guarantor of their security. For Free! Such a deal! Everyone on the planet knows the US is not imperialistic. But when it suits America's enemies, they trot that lie out.

Individualist said...


Thaks for the kind word. You are so right about that. At that time it was about reducing the size of the military. Anything to show the US is a bad light is the first goal of the PC Police.

Club Captialist said...

Too bad that the PC police won't just find themselves in a small dark script of Andromeda.

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