Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Chalk Talk - Football,Hockey & LYSA

Brett Favre is really getting on my nerves. The last I heard he’s still not made up his mind about getting surgery to release a tendon in his throwing arm as opposed to letting the tendon fully rupture on its own. So the Hamlet-of-Hattiesburg continues to string the Minnesota Vikings along and the Vikings continue to let him. And NFL Network has re-launched that hit melodrama from last spring ‘Farve Watch.’ For a guy who’s been making split second decisions for more than 15 years, he’s being ridiculously slow about a very simple question. Does he want to play or not? It’s not like he’s going out on top. He missed his chance when he decided to come back with the Jets after leading the Packers to the NFC Championship game after the 2007 season. Blame NY Giant cornerback Corey Webster for all this fol-de-rol. Farve’s final pass in the Packers’ loss to the Giants was an interception by Webster. I guess that and the Packers’ desire to move on without Farve in favor of Aaron Rodgers just didn’t sit well with ole Brett so he decided to show the Packers what a mistake they made. But when his arm got injured that idea went bust. Now he wants to QB the Packers’ arch rival the Vikings. He wants the chance to beat the Packers at Lambeau Field. It wasn’t pretty watching John Unitas in a Chargers uniform, or Joe Namath as a Ram. Both of those Hall of Famers wound up going out with a whimper. Farve is going to be no different. The difference is that his desire to stick it to the organization that treated him so well makes him look like a petulant child.

The Stanley Cup finals are providing a very good couple of stories. Will Sidney Crosby of the Penguins win his first Stanley Cup? Or will the Red Wings have their names engraved on Lord Stanley’s bowl again making them look like another dynasty? Either way, it is exciting.

People talk a lot these days about disrespect for the flag, a kind of general lack of respect for national icons and the like. Last week at the Lakers playoff game, the celebrity singer (name escapes me) decided to alter a few words of the Star Spangled Banner in favor of the Lakers. And of course the LA crowd roared. But it was unseemly. It is a big contrast to the goings on at a NASCAR event. Everybody – fans, drivers, crews stand quiet and respectful. Nice to see.

Congratulations to Lucy. She made the ‘Select” soccer team from her hometown. The “Select” team is a sort of all star team drawn from the town’s youth soccer league. They travel to neighboring towns to play the all-star teams of those towns. Lucy works hard at playing well. This is a big achievement. Everyone here at Sherman’s March is very proud, especially her Dad who will just not stop talking about it.


KingRichard said...

As long as NASCAR is around Americans will always be able to see patriotism on display. And much to Michael "Lard Ass" Moore's chagrin the American love affair with the balls-to-the-wall internal combustion engine will remain torrid. And here is a big "high-five" to Lucy. Making the traveling team is awesome.

ILove Danica said...

Girl Power! How old is Lucy?

Auguste Ballz said...

From what I know Lucy is 9 and she has a younger sister, Ellen (who scored 3 goals herself this past Saturday) who is 5.

ErikThe Red said...

Farve has really turned himself into a sad spectacle. And the Vikes are crazy for thinking about bringing him in. Rosenfels will be a goog hold-the-fort guy until they can get a real franchise QB.

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