Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dateline: London: Save the U.S from Europeanization!

Some things go well together; peanut butter and chocolate, beautiful girls and powerful boats, BBQ and tailgate parties, the list is endless. Somethings don't fit together so well; the Democrat party and governence, being drunk and driving, Ted Kennedy and driving. This list is also endless. Despite what the Obama Administration and many progressive/ liberals think, the U.S. is much better off being widely separated both physically and philisophically from Western Europe. Here is the beginning of my post. The barrier of the Atlantic used to afford the U.S. enough space to breath in, to create in, to be American in. While the great old Imperial powers of Europe receded from the stage of international leadership the U.S. stepped forward. When Western Europe slipped into its current form of modern socialism, the U.S. solidified itself as the most powerful, least likely to be over-regulated, most efficient economy in world history. While science and technology in Western Europe stagnated, the U.S. continued to make one world changing breakthrough after another. We go to the moon, they watch. We build a world class medical system, they sit for months waiting to see a doctor. Why Obamatrons think that England or France just "does it better" is beyond me. Having been there, let me assure you, we don't want to be like them. The cost of fuel forces average people to ride around on scooters and in tiny little clown cars. Most of the people of Europe believe the "global warming" propaganda without question, no debate allowed. They get "free health care", the latest Obama move toward a Euro-style U.S., yet people can't find a dentist that will see them. Some people are pulling their own teeth in England, their National Heath Care system dentists have NO incentive to take on more patients. When it comes to health care in England, apparently "patience" is a BIG part of surviving England's free health care. "Cap and Trade" is certainly the biggest government power grab ever, and it's right out of the European handbook. When in doubt, tax 'em, the English top rate is at 51% and rising. The pushback in England has begun, with members of Parliment abusing the public trust with phony expense claims, living like Kings while they raise taxes on the people and are struggling to keep services in place that they have been using to buy public favor with. Believe me,we don't want to be like Europe, what they do doesn't work.

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And they can't defend themselves either!

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