Tuesday, June 30, 2009

of Zohak, The Serpent King

Visual Poetry by Individualist (TheIndividualist@comcast.net)
“The Purpose of government is to limit the needs of its citizens from the involvement of the government.”

I have promised myself to do something to cover the events in Iran which fill me with Dread and Hope for the future. But as our media find distractions for the story we hear less from the President on the matter and I am saddened. The emotions in me are too strong to address with reason and satire so I have opted for this poem instead. The story of Kaveh the Blacksmith is maybe the most popular Iranian tale and the allusions in the poetry, such as they are, refer to it. This link gives a version of the story.

I regret to the people of Iran that this humble effort appears to be the greatest I am capable of helping with the cause. God protect you all from despots and madmen.

The Story of Kaveh the Blacksmith who defeats Zohak the Serpent King summarized from The Epic of Shahnameh Ferdowsi.

Shadow and Misdirection is his Craft
Dark Flames Veil Terror’s Sight
To Break Truth upon the Dagger’s Haft
The Dark Cold Shores of Acheron His Final Plight

The Travelers’ Flight Down Fear’s Path
Moving to Escape the Inferno’s Chain
Sweet Freedom’s Echo Rings in the Elector’s Math
The Demon’s Flawed Reckoning Sounds the Pursuing Pain

Through the Darkest Night of Sorrow’s Blue
Hope’s Glimmer Shines Through the Crooked Moon
Freedom’s Green Fields the Sayer’s Sooth
Crying for God’s Word, the Angels Happy Tune

On Clouds of Fire the Horseman Gather for the State
The Conjurer’s Spell Strikes, the Arrow Fury Enraged
Sinister Smoke Envelops the Mirrored Plate
They Cuckold Righteousness and Justice is Caged

Along Serendipity’s Road the Marchers Race
The tides of Chaos weave Silver Linings in the Thunderhead’s Brocade
Hope, Angst, Wrath and Terror fill the withering Pace
With each misstep the Falls of Time threaten to see Passions Fade

The Rising Rain flowers the Orchids of Transformation
The Fruits of Hate are Blood and Fire
The Frenzied Expressions Fuel the Call of a Nation
The “Voice” Shot Dead Thrives in the Din of the World’s Ire

Eighteen of the Blacksmith’s Rams the Supreme Leader’s Serpents shall Shear
Terror, Murder, Mayhem, on black bellies is the venom met
Kaveh the Blacksmith holds up his Leather Smock on the Spear
Independence, Resistance, Resilience, the Hero’s Standard is set

In strange Fates does desperation arise
Shining its Beacon on Freedom Travail
The Serpent King seeks the martyr’s demise
But to Allah we pray Hope’s Shade will Prevail


2ndRangers said...

This is superb. Just terrific.

CMB320 said...

Amazing article Individualist. I pray for the Iranians.

Individualist said...

Thanks for the comments.

This Fourth of July remember this fashion tip...

Green is the new Red, White and Blue.
Why the President has not asked us to have green to show support for the party under attack in Iran is beyond me. I guess that is "meddling" too.

Auguste Ballz said...

That is a great idea Indy! I'm gonna wear my green "Larry the Cucumber" (Veggie tales) T-shirt to the tea party I'm going to.

Auguste Ballz said...

You should put this idea in a few comments at BH Indy. Especially if they have an open thread posting

Anonymous said...

This is SHIT. Keep to yourself and there will be no further confrontations. You know who I am. Stay away.......................

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