Saturday, July 25, 2009


Visual Poetry by Individualist (“The Purpose of government is to limit the needs of its citizens from the involvement of the government.”

These verses are a Parody of the song How you gonna keep em down on the Farm inspired by the metaphor of my post comparing the situation in China with the Book, the Animal Farm.


Note: General Secretary pronounced (Gen’ral Sec’try in the song)

Verse 1:
General Secretary I’ve been Thinking
Said the Bureau Chief
“Now the US is in our debt,
It’s no trouble to control the farm”
General Secretary, started barking
Wiping away the sweat
He pulled the aparatchik up close
And then Threatened with a grin

Chorus(Repeat Twice):
How we gonna keep em down on the farm
When the Freedom Bell Rings
How ya gonna keep em away from You Tube
Tweating Protests
All over the net
How will the State keep the people in fear
That’s the test you see
They’ll never carry your little red book
Who will give your half truths a second look
How will ya know Mao’s Thoughts are all they’ll hear
When the Freedom Bell Rings

Verse 2:
General Secretary, Your mistaken
Said the Bureau Chief
“Once a worker always a prole
And workers always pay the state’s toll”
“Oh Bureau Chief, I’m not fakin’
Tho’ you may think it strange;
But Liberty’s call plays the mischief
With the hammer of the state”

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This is SHIT. Keep to yourself and there will be no further confrontations. You know who I am. Stay away.......................

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