Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama keeps another Bush policy

So, liberals, how’s that purging of all Bush policies connected with the War on Terror working out for ya’? President Obama announced today that he is overriding the Justice Department decision to release photos of prisoners held in detention by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m not knocking the President for this. . It is the right thing to do, and dangerous to do otherwise. But once again, say it with me liberals…..Bush…..was…..right! Obama has held over to his administration Robert Gates as SECDEF and General David Petraeus as CENTCOM commander – both evil minions of Lucifer George. Close Guantanamo? Life goes on as before in that Bush created fifth circle of Hell. Renditions of captured prisoners, another Bush administration practice, continue with the blessing of the President. President Obama has also re-asserted the same rights of executive privilege that were used against Bush as proof of his secret, nefarious, evil intentions. That’s five major items that everyone on the left demanded be changed once Obama was elected. So how foolish do the Kos Kids, MoveOn-ers and Keith Olbermann feel? I told you girlfriend, he was just sayin’ that so he could flap your flounder.

Speaking of fish, I don’t know why but I just cannot eat the stuff. I’m an American with a Norwegian and Italian family tree. So on both sides of the holiday table I’ve got big fish eaters. But not me, not by a country mile. I make two exceptions though. Lox on a bagel, and my mom’s tuna salad. Funny but I’ll scarf down shrimp, calamari, and oysters and lobster like they’re not making anymore of it. But if it’s got scales, and not named Charlie it’s out. Even fresh water species.

I got a funny joke in my inbox this morning. Well I thought it was funny. A Polish man goes for an eye examination. The nurse says, “Do you see the letters C-Y-Z-E-K-W-M-K-I ?” “See them?” the man says, “I know him!”. For the life of me I will never grasp Polish phonetics, or the Cyrillic alphabet of Russia. And exposing a bit of “geek-ness” here, I have tried to do both.

Sports writer Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News, really gets up my nose as the British say. I first remember reading his column right around the time Tom Seaver got traded to Cincinnati from the Mets. I don’t remember all the particulars but he got into back and forth debates with the great Dick Young the senior sports guy at the News then. And he really came off as quite a punk. He is forever using this really eighth grade device in most of his columns; it goes something like this…..”it had that Yankee feel to it… big a New York moment as Alvy Singer meeting Annie Hall…. Lupica may as well start every column with “it was a dark and stormy night”. And boy does he kiss ass. Much worse than Bob Costas. Bob Costas flashing his Mantle card at mantle’s funeral. I was embarrassed for the guy. Sorry about the Costas sidestep. The only time Lupica ever wore a jock was when his classmates pulled one over his head. Whoever thought of having this punk also write columns on politics was definitely off his chump. I lay that at the feet of Mort Zuckerman, the publisher of the News.

As long as I’m riffing about writers, let me say a few words about Jay Nordlinger over at National Review. He knows everything about fine music and has good things to say in his “Impromptus” column at NRO. There is usually of couple of them each week. And he gets some very, very interesting people to sit for interviews. His passion about the plight of political prisoners and dissidents in places like China and Cuba is more than admirable. A real fighter for those suffering and in prison for believing in liberty. I recommend him highly. And he answers e-mails to boot.


Mr. Llipton said...

C'mon, does anybody without hairy palms (trolls) expect the MSM to point this reality out? Bammy's never going to admit it even if it were Chris "the Thrill" matthews was doing the asking. Love seeing AndrewPrice here. Sorry but I'm in hurray, I hear my tea kettle boiling!

Auguste Ballz said...

I'm a Tetley man myself. just milk thank you. As DonalD Pleasance said int The Great Escape, "tea without milk is so uncivilized." Biscuit anyone?

AndrewPrice said...

Thanks Mr. Llipton, come on back any time.

You're right about the MSM -- Obama could admit it, they could have photos of it, and a team of nuns could sign affidavits, and the MSM would still deny it or ignore it.

I heard today that Obama is now going to continue the military tribunals that were supposed to be mocking 200 years of Constitutional law. The media is, of course, downplaying/ignoring the issue.

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