Friday, June 5, 2009

Bye Bye GM

General Motors is gone, and I just cannot believe it. I don’t believe President Firefly when he says that he doesn’t want the government running a car company. I don’t believe him when he says that the goal is to get GM back as a privately owned company as soon as possible. I don’t believe this for one second. And anybody who does is a blithering idiot. Amtrak and the United States Postal Service were also supposed to become privately owned companies following a “limited” federal intervention. How did that work out these past 35-40 years? Who would want to buy either of those basket cases? Neither GM or Chrysler will ever see the light of day as private companies again. I have pity for the management and debt holders of Ford too. They see what’s coming. Labor unions once served a good purpose in the United States. But that has not been true for decades. Now they have what they always wanted but never deserved – workers controlling the means of production – as basic a tenet of socialism as monotheism is to Judaism. The UAW never risked any of their own money to start a company, never created a single new job, except by blackmail and extortion. Labor unions screw up every industry they are associated with. Teachers unions have ruined the public school system. Players unions cause more fans to abandon professional sports watching than not. Now they have ruined the biggest part of our countries manufacturing industry. Ronald Reagan did many great things as president. Firing the air traffic controllers and busting the PATCO union is my favorite.

The environmentalists and their lobbyists come in for a lot of blame here too. These tree hugging charlatans are compliant in getting the US Congress (both R & D) to impose ridiculously unrealistic mileage and emissions standards which drove the price of American automobiles beyond what the market would pay. I rue the day I first heard the word “ecology.” What a massive amount manure these people have foisted on the dim witted among us. Even when their so called science and hysterical warnings have been exposed as complete falsehoods they can always find some agenda driven media outlet to keep propagating the exposed lies and to be ready to promote their next hysterical rantings. How did America become so stupid? How can a parent feel good about letting this blatantly false drivel be pushed onto their children?

How many lies must be exposed before people stop listening to these fools? Anthropogenic global warming, a new ice age, the population bomb, second hand smoke, dangerous nuclear power. All environmental catastrophes in waiting that never happened. How stupid is the idea of recycling? Please tell me any material that is now required to be recycled that takes less energy to recycle than to produce new? Don’t bother it doesn’t exist. Nothing has done more to hold back improvements in the American standard of living than the environmentalist movement. And boy do they like to regulate who and what kind of fun people can have. If there was ever a bigger bunch of self-satisfied, sanctimonious weenies dedicated to controlling as much of the lives of others as these crapweasels, I’ve not seen them.

For 49 years my Dad owned a small trucking company. It wasn’t until December 1963 before he could afford his first factory-new truck chassis. It was a GMC. And every truck he ever bought from then on was also a GMC. I’ve owned 2 cars, both Chevy’s and 8 pick-ups or SUV’s, all GMC’s. Trucks have been the best product GM has been making for a long time. But that’s all over now. I won’t participate in a socialistic enterprise. I will not buy a GM or Chrysler product until one or both of those companies is once again a privately owned company that builds vehicles the market wants. Right now I own a 2008 GMC Canyon, so I shouldn’t be needing to replace it for about 9 more years. But when the time comes, if things aren’t right with GM, I will, so help me God, buy a Ford.

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JimmyHoffa-Not said...

One thing that is conveniently forgotten when talking about how unions get better wages for theor memebers is this. Not only do unions decide the minimum their members earn, but they also decide the maximum a worker can earn. A union member cannot just work all the hours he wants and in doing so get further ahead than an less ambitious member. About 100 years ago unions served a good purpose. It hasn't been that way for a long time. Employers should be free to hire who they want, and fire the same. And employees should be free to work for whomever they want for what ever compensation package they can negotiate. Screw the unions.

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