Friday, June 12, 2009

The Coming Fall of Firefly

President Firefly is making "liberal" a bad word again. He now wants military personell to give Miranda warnings to terroists and enemy combatants captured on the battle field. Are court appointed sharia lawyers far Behind?

This latest ridiculousness is only one of the many continuing Firefly embarrassments that display his desire to toss some spoils to the radical hate-American left in the Democratic Party. (Pelosi, Leahy, Frank, etc.) This behavior includes the constant ass-kissing to the perceptions of radical Islamo-fascists and bigoted "moderate Muslims." Firefly tries to persuade the world that the Palestinians are a put upon and persecuted minority when in fact the only minority in the Middle East are the Jews and a racist oppressive majority - Muslim Arabs - who want to destroy the Jewish state.

Several pundits have pointed out that Firefly has painted himself into a corner as far as foreign policy is concerned because Republicans are now unified in opposition and if he does not bow to the extremist left on the war, there is an electoral majority against him. And this is only the beginning.

Not many people thought, after his assumption of office that he would govern so far from the left. Not with the centrist national security apparatus he assembled. But stupidly, he has done just exactly that. To make matters worse, he rammed through extermely destructive leftist legislation paying for it by compiling more debt in 4 months than George Bush did in 8 years. And more quickly than he expected his poisonous trees are starting to bear fruit.

Nothing could have possibly united the right so quickly as his dramatically radical actions. Firefly's executive orders on stem cell research, closing Gitmo and opening the borders all helped galvanize the Republicans. To say nothing of his smug arrogance, backed up by more of the same by the human hand puppets Reid and Pelosi. In just two months Firefly's inadvertant unifying of his political opposition, will be taught for decades in PoliSci classes as the prime example of what an incompetent, self-defeating politcal strategy looks like. Firefly has surpassed even Jimmy Carter for sheer arrogance and ineptitude.

In trying to act so quckly to get his agenda through before anyone noticed in a nation set up by it's founders to thwart such radicalism, in a culture that is independent and suspicious of increasing government intrusion, Firefly has ignited a nascent political revolt. And this revolt is only going to grow as the weeks and months pass by. The State Senate of New York has just switched to Republican control, and California has rejected new tax initiatives. These are the bluest of blue states. One cannot slough this off to any sort of red state hysteria. Firefly has brought the banking system under his control, and has done nothing to address its problems. He has also made GM and Chrysler wards of the state with himself as warden. Not a bright future for those companies, I'm afraid. And his next hoped for aquisition is the health care industry.

China now fears the debt we have accumulated, and is floating trial balloons to the effect that our borrowing days are numbered. Firefly can't print enough money to paper over that problem.

The war in Pakistan and the coming one in Israel with the Palestinians are beyond his control. Israel will not be bullied into suicide.

In the European Union the Left just got a big ass-kicking. Gordon Brown's socialist government in the UK will fall soon. Will Firefly's be far behind?

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