Thursday, June 11, 2009

Welcome James J. Benoit!

Sherman's March is very happy to welcome James J. Benoit (Jamesb to his friends) as a contributing author on our site. He is currently in Europe pursuing some academic interests with some travelling around the continent to follow. We're all looking forward to hearing about his exploits. His first post is below. Welcome James, and enjoy your trip and stay safe!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Auguste! Has Obama burned down the White House yet? Decided that a penthouse on the Upper East Side is the best place to transfer the Gitmo pigs? Has he nationalized all the petting zoos, both traveling and stationary? Will the Federal Government set the pay scale for lion tamers, fortune tellers and rodeo cowboys(except for the "gay rodeo")? To quote a celebrity with a higher I.Q.than Obama, the great Bugs Bunny "What a maroon!" Did CNN run the story about what Obama is reading, you know, the Sarah Palin angle? A CNN World story stated that when asked what he was currently reading he cited the same novel he was reading in March or April. The same story went on to say that G.W. Bush read ONE HUNDRED BOOKS last year. Being CNN I was surprised that they didn't infer that they were all Dr. Suess or picture pop-up books. I GO ON RECORD TODAY 6/11/2009...OBAMA IS THE LAZIEST POTUS EVER! Hands down, the laziest. He's be coasting since law school. Anyway, gee what a surprise, I'm sitting in a nice Paris hotel and the night guy and some customers are speaking both Arabic at each other. I might as well be at the "NoTell Motel" on Route 66 outside of Barstow or Bakersfield. Talk to you soon!

Auguste Ballz said...

Bugs followed that line with 'What a ta-ra-ra-goon-dee-ay." Firefly is lazy. There were a couple of reports ding the first weels of his administration about how the guy felt "overwhelmed" andhad to get out of the White House for a while. These came out right after he & wifey had that first tr to Sidwell Friends. They also said he's not an early riser and hits the hay about 10:00 each night.

James J. Benoit said...

W. was in the Oval Office before dawn routinely...big job, taken seriously by a competant American, yet the press and the leftist smear machine(oxy-morons?) have taken the alternative universe mainstream...Say CNN World, aka Communist News Net is saying Letterman "apologized/backtracked" on his latest non-funny Palin attack, true?

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