Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lies, Damn Lies & The Environmentalists

First off let me say that I have no interest in leaving behind to my daughters a world that is full of polluted air, poisonous water and devoid of trees. But the environmentalist movement (Eco-Nazis) have gone way too far in trying to control humanity by their constant use of scare tactics. Starting with the patron saint of Eco-Nazism – Rachel Carson – these people are responsible for more deaths than the total body count of World War Two (70 million). The Eco-Nazis are wreaking havoc across the globe and no one seems to be standing in their way.

In Africa alone it is estimated that at least 50 million people have died from malaria since 1972. Why since 1972? Well that was the year that the US and UN instituted a ban on DDT. DDT is a safe, cheap pesticide that eradicates the mosquitoes that carry and transmit malaria. Why was it banned? Because in her nauseatingly propagandistic book “Silent Spring”, Rachel Carson asserted that because DDT was working it’s way into the diets of birds, eventually the birds would produce eggs with shells too thin to survive the gestation process and therefore would go extinct and no more bird songs would be heard, therefore the “silent spring.” Everything about her claims has been since proven to be completely wrong. But the Eco-Nazis and the sheeple that support them got the DDT ban in place and now 30+ years later 50 million Africans have died plus another 20-25 million worldwide in areas prone to mosquito infestation, all because the surest, cheapest way to prevent them from contracting the disease that killed them, was denied them to save some birds who were never even in danger. Anybody out there see anything wrong with this?

How about the issue of air pollution? Remember how we were told that living in a large city like New York or LA was the equivalent of smoking two packs a day due to the poor quality of the air in places like that? Utter nonsense. If this were true, why was there never any type of spike in the incidence of emphysema or other dangerous pulmonary diseases in those cities? Same thing with “second hand smoke.” The human respiratory system is basically a filtering system that extracts oxygen from ambient air for the body to use, but also pulls out a lot of other potentially bad stuff, stuff that can be found in tobacco smoke. So if lots of these toxins are pulled out of tobacco smoke in their first filtering through the lungs, how is it possible that the filtered air expelled from the lungs be more polluted than the original smoke that was not filtered? It is stupefying how supposedly intelligent people fall for this garbage.

Because of the Eco-Nazis and their use of phony science to support their claims, the American auto industry is now a state run enterprise. The ridiculous and draconian CAFE emissions standards imposed on the industry by the Eco-Nazis and their sheeple in Congress, along with the presidents of both parties who signed the legislation, GM, Ford and Chrysler were forced to make cars that didn’t perform the way their customers wanted them too, and were made more expensive to boot. The Eco-Nazis want to eliminate the internal combustion engine and now they’ve got the means to do it. Think about this for a few minutes; the earth is 75% water, 25% land mass. So over 75% of the earth, no pollution is occurring. Of the 25% land mass only around 5% (or less) is actually occupied by man. That means that over approximately 95% of the earth’s surface, no eco-damaging activity is taking place. And I have no clue as to what percent of the remaining 5% actually has polluting activity taking place. So who in their logical mind can believe that all the internal combustion engines and all the factories, and all the campfires, and all the Bar-B-Q’s, and all the candles, and all the lawnmowers, and all the cow farts in all the world can actually have a permanent global global effect on the quality of the air on earth? Even volcanic explosions only have a temporary effect on air quality, over a limited area and only for a relatively short period of time.

The agenda of the Eco-Nazis is to control humanity. That may seem like a stretch, but it is true. And to do this they want to eliminate cheap energy. Cheap energy saves lives, it is indispensable to life in the 21st century. What would medical care look like if the energy to run hospitals or research facilities was four to five times more expensive. If the Eco-Nazis were actually serious about having safe, cheap, clean, inexhaustible energy sources there would be no opposition to nuclear energy. Solar, wind and other types of alternative energy sources are just not viable right now and won’t be for at least twenty years if then even. It is folly to spend money in these economic times to purse any of them. But that doesn’t square with the agenda of the Eco-Nazis. And now they’ve got a friend in the White House.

The Eco-Nazis and the sheeple that support them do not care about condemning to death innocent people if their needs conflict with lies of the Eco-Nazis. The Eco-Nazis come clothed in a cloak of benign desires to “save the planet.” And they are the only ones who can save it. But they don’t care about being wrong, they don’t care about tens of millions of malaria victims, they don’t care about wrecking economies, they don’t care about anything but making you live your life they way they want you to live it. And they try to do it by denying you access to the energy you need to live life as you see fit. If people let men like Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr. define the way we can live our lives as free Americans, well then, they will richly deserve the fate that befalls them.


2pennies said...

There are so many other lies the enviro-wackos have foisted on the public over the years. Alar, new ice age, population bomb the need to recycle (that's a good one), certified forests, ad nauseum. And all these things just made life more expensive. "Sheeple"....what an apt term.

Individualist said...

Remember Cows are bad but an equal number of Bison is good.

Are the liberals guilty of bovinocentrism.


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