Saturday, June 20, 2009

To Arms Gentle Knights Errant, Our Maidens’ Virtues needs Defending

By Individualist
“The Purpose of government is to limit the needs of its citizens from the involvement of the government.”

To Arms, To Arms my Valiant Warrior Princes
We are Charged to Protect our Maiden’s Virtue
Her voice so like the warble of Gentle Finches
Ere All Silenced by Enemy slashing Slanders, too

So I Implore you Gentle Conservative Vassals
Who wish to Arm Against the Trolls’ Breath
Carry on to Glean Shields against the Missiles
For Honor’s Loss is a Fate worse than Death

Reference: Trollywood

In the first part of this post I evaluated several examples of the liberal’s attempts to silence conservative women by quite frankly sexually harassing them. I pointed out the tactics they use. They call them sluts and attack their demeanor. They have liberals openly ridicule them; they have men lambast them by talking of sexually abusing them. They make jokes about rape and openly disparage them. Then when this is done the “feminists” will reluctantly comment on the abhorrent nature of the statements but will then proceed to lecture that conservatives should quit doing it either without giving examples or dragging out factual errors made by them 17 years ago. They do this to ridicule and condemn and to make conservative women want to stop taking a public stance in the arena of politics. Or as Andrew Klavan at Big Hollywood suggests is the standard answer of the left to Conservative thought, Shut The F*** Up.

So what are we conservatives to do? As conservatives we must step up and have at the monstrous Trolls that are behind this. We must act as the knights errant of Cervantes’ tales and defend conservative women from these attacks. We must not shy from this course. For this tactic is as old as the notion of chivalry itself, even older. If you attack a woman’s virtue you also attack the honor of the men who are their husbands, fathers, brothers and family friends. It is a Pas d’Armes and if the challenge is not answered then they have the better of you. One way to show a man a coward and thus your dominance of him is too openly disparage his woman. I know the feminists don’t want to hear it but it is ingrained in out nature. The insult is effective as it is tied to our survival (procreation).

We conservatives tend to believe in Individualism and so we do for ourselves. When we get together we focus on what the government is doing to us and how to either stop the government or get around the stricture. We don’t tend to form groups to keep people from talking, acting or thinking in certain proscribed ways. It is the opposite of our nature. We will answer challenges and speak out against policies we disapprove but for the most part when it comes to the verbal art of ridicule we are usually on the defensive.

We need to learn to take notice and stand up to these attacks. We have failed to fend off the Trolls usually under the assumption that these base statements are beneath our contempt. So now we are overrun. We need to see the signs.

Warning Trolls

But you may say to me Indy there you go again. Chivalry is dead, this is the 21st Century. These ideas are gone. Who still preaches those values. Interesting enough there is Stacy McDonald author of the book Raising Maidens who talks of teaching virtue to young ladies and the bond between Mother and Daughter.

She is a 21st century source for the virtue of maidenhood and also has some insight on her blog as to the true Knights in Shining Armor that are there to protect the young maiden’s virtue, Fathers.

In reading through here blog I can see that she would be the first to condemn any man who jokes of “rape” or “Hate F***” or whatever euphemism the leftists wish to use. There are no moral equivalencies for our mothers when it comes to this. When someone starts talking of what Rush Limbaugh may or may not have done 17 years ago I think a Mom would have this answer:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right”

I find it Ironic that in the very flower of Victorian womanhood one would have a more enlightened answer to jokes inferring the rape of daughters than the modern feminist movement.

So we must be our own men and we must protect our woman. This is the standard upon which we must charge forward. We conservative must act as the questing Knights Errant of Arthurian Legend or for the women as Le Pucelle (the Maid), Joan of Arc. At Big Hollywood several have been having forth at David Lettermen for his comments about Sara Palin’s children. But what are the weapons of a 21st century cyber knight. The Blog, Music, TV, Literature, the Theater all the trappings of our culture are the playing field. The weapons are satire, thoughtful reasoning and impassioned belief. The armor is knowledge of the facts and ability to see through sophistry and hyperbole. Are there tools of combat that we have left out? The Protest March for one. Not normally our thing, we have come out in a big way on Tax Day at the Tea Parties and it must have had an effect since the leftists at MSNBC had to devote so much time denigrating it with sexual references.

But there are other weapons, nastier ones. The Nuisance Suit is one. Sara Palin has had to spend one half million dollars just to fend off bogus lawsuits. Tom Delay was continually indicted by an unscrupulous partisan state’s attorney who for two years kept throwing out charges that would get dropped. The same guy did this to Kay Bailey Hutchinson as well. Do we have clandestine squads of bloggers to gather on the internet just to dream up ways to harass democrats. This is where I’d like to draw the line but there is also a part of me that would like payback I must admit. Part of me would like to see a concerted conservative effort cause a David Letterman to be fired through the filing of nuisance suits against CBS using the same tactics that were successfully used on fellow conservative. I’d like to see this even though I know such impulse is wrong.

Would we not like to have payback for Clarence Thomas, Judge Bork, Newt Gingritch, Carrie Prajean and all others that have been so unfairly maligned for just expressing their political viewpoints. Even if the sentiment just is to sate our thirst for vengeance. Especially if such tactics employed against Frank, Pelosi , Dodd Schumer and the rest might mean a leftist not being reelected. You see my point. Political survival can be at stake. The Knights of medieval times had considered similar issues in warfare back then. Certain weapons were considered dishonorable. One could use them to win the day but one could not regain one’s honor or the honor of those they are charged to protect if they are used. The longbow was considered as such.

But as to those who cannot be civil to a woman because she disagrees politically. Who call her slut, talk to her as if she was not human, talk suggestively of Rape. Perhaps giving this kind of grief would not be unjustified. After all is there not a difference between how a knight would fight on the field of honor against another noble knight and how a knight would deal with a horrid monstrosity such as a giant, dragon or troll. Are we not right in seeing those that act in the manner above in such a light. The question is not an easy one.

Whatever the weapons my friend the call to action must be clear. We must begin to fight back. We cannot allow this to go unanswered any more. As Edward Bulwer-Lytton states in his 1839 play Richilieu; Or the Conspiracy:

“True, This! —
Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword. Behold
The arch-enchanters wand! — itself a nothing! —
But taking sorcery from the master-hand
To paralyse the Cæsars, and to strike
The loud earth breathless! — Take away the sword —
States can be saved without it!”

We must find some way to make certain that liberals who feel empowered to use lies and slander receive the biting thrust of our pens in answer. I will leave you with this quote from Cervantes’ The Man of La Mancha.

“Happy she that might body and soul adorn
With thy rich livery and thy high desire;
And see thy happy knight, by honour borne,
In cruel combat, broaching out his ire.”


AndrewPrice said...

Interesting articles Individualist. I am in favor of contacting sponsors of these people and telling them, "I hold you responsible for this." Take away the money and you take away the soapbox.

CMB320 said...

I think the mother of five from Alaska is doing just fine.

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